Chrishell stause dating history

Abigail was furious with her father for leaving them without saying anything, being out of touch for a year, and then suddenly reappearing.It turns out that Jack had gone to Afghanistan to investigate a story about a drug ring without telling his family where he was going.Chad and Abigail eventually patch things up when they learn Cameron has been moonlighting as a stripper. Chad is touched when Will and Gabi name their baby Arianna Grace after his deceased daughter, Grace Di Mera.

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Meanwhile, Chad, Will and Sonny Kiriakis launch an internet website for sport fans at Salem University.In March 3, on his birthday, Chad Di Mera (Casey Deidrick) met Abigail Deveraux (Kate Mansi), even though at the time she did not know that he was a Di Mera, she was instantly attracted to him vice versa with Chad.Soon she found out about his true identity and although at first she was reluctant to get close to him concerned that he is Stefano Di Mera's son, they began getting closer up to the point that when Chad decided to move into the Di Mera mansion, he asked for her help to move in and she excitedly and happily accepted.However, they are forced to shut it down when criminals begin using it for illegal gambling.The criminals then kidnap Chad and Melanie and believing they are about to die, the two confess their feelings.Abigail realised that she was starting to have feelings for the much older, Austin.


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