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He said all of Benham's records would be with Pekin Hospital.He said he could not comment further on advice of Tazwood's attorney.Forgive us even as we seek to do all that we can now and in the future to wipe out such terrible sexual abuse of children and young people.Let me assure you, that along with my staff, especially our victim assistance coordinator and the members of our review and advisory boards, I am personally committed to continuing our efforts to implement the Charter we bishops enacted in June 2002.Loverde came to offer apologies, ask for forgiveness and pray for healing. The Gospel told the familiar tale of a father's forgiveness - the prodigal son. Cnews, July 8, 2004 HALIFAX (CP), Canada: Three men who say they were sexually assaulted by a Roman Catholic priest when they were children are suing the Nova Scotia diocese that once supervised him.


She said they do not have the employment records for Benham because they were returned to Tazwood when its affiliation with the hospital ended.

"We do screenings of new employees, but he was already an employee of Tazwood when Progressive Health Systems took Tazwood over," said Mendenhall.

"I am sorry" - profoundly sorry - for the terrible pain you have experienced because of sexual abuse.

It is a pain which lingers in the lives of those who have been abused.


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