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There comes a time when we have to stop loving someone not because that person has stopped loving us but because we have found out that they’d be happier if we let go.12.

Athletes have opportunities to discover new skills and abilities.

Our consensus panel includes four of the top-five on the all-time wins list. By this metric, there are three journalists who have legitimate beef that they are on the outside looking in: Michael Smith (30.3 percent in 449 appearances), Ryan (30.1 percent in 577), and Mac Mullan (28.9 percent in 691).

Paige has appeared on a record 2,440 episodes, 851 more than Cowlishaw, who is in second place. Obviously, Simers’ rogue first-place vote catapulted him to a position far exceeding his stats (10 wins in 65 appearances) but his win on the pilot episode really stood out to one old-school fan.

It’d be a Mount Rushmore situation, with a perfect four-box display.

Six TBL staffers reasonably well-versed in the show’s history submitted their ballots with their top five panelist picks.


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