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The December edition of the Sexual Health & HIV Policy EUROBulletin is now available online.This quarterly bulletin aims to provide information about policies, guidance, research and emerging issues in sexual and reproductive healthcare, HIV treatment and care, prevention and sexual health promotion in Europe.During the 22 days between his first negative test and his eventual diagnosis, he had sex with 12 men on set and 5 others outside of work (file photo) Because it can take up to 10 days before the virus can be detected the CDC warned: 'Adult film performers and production companies...should be aware that testing alone is not sufficient to prevent HIV transmission='Many actors have spoken up against the mandatory use of condom.They say because filming can last for hours on end, this form of protection can cause uncomfortable chafing or friction burns for both men and women.A California state board will hold a vote on February 18 to decide whether condoms should be required on set.A new edition of our booklet HIV & hepatitis is now available online and in print through our patient information scheme.

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“Remember, the Sexual Offences Act has criminalised deliberate exposure,” she says.

When does Florence think is the best time to disclose one’s status while dating?

That depends on why you are doing it, and also on the depth of the relationship.

After an adult film actor in California unknowingly infected two men with HIV because the virus went undetected by lab tests, a new report by the Center for Disease Control calls for greater preventative measures.

The 25-year-old male was diagnosed with HIV just 22 days after he first tested negative.


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