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” ’ Susanna Abse, director of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships in London, says, ‘Most important is to go to someone who is qualified to work with couples, rather than someone who is an individual therapist who dabbles with couples work.‘A couples counsellor will take the view that the relationship is the client, not Jack or Jill as individuals. An individual counsellor might find it hard to bridge the gap between the couple without taking sides.’ For Deborah Cooper, 52, who runs a yoga retreat in Devon with her husband, Bob, 60, the counselling experience was the antithesis of Sally’s.‘The counsellor didn’t take sides, but he did make my husband listen. The main problem for us at the time was that Bob hadn’t really made the adjustment to married life and being a father of three young children.By the time we got around to couples therapy, it was a case of too little, too late.For me it was a last, desperate attempt to salvage something in our relationship before my husband began his solo round-the-world travels, with no fixed date of return.

‘My husband bought into the whole thing at first — he’d dredge up occasions when he’d been left feeling hard done by, and it became tit for tat.The final straw was when she asked me if we spent much time chatting in the evenings.When I said: “No, there didn’t seem to be enough time,” she suggested my love of soap operas was getting in the way of quality time with my husband.‘In the past, if I asked if he really wanted to be with me, he’d have said of course he did — and then leave for the pub.But with the help of the counsellor, he was slowly drawn out, and I was moved and impressed when Bob said he had chosen to be with me and really wanted to make it work.I wouldn’t ­recommend marriage counselling — unless you’re hell-bent on getting divorced!


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