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He said he doesn't own one but that would be his strategy. He said call the NRA because they'll give a recommendation. Howard said he's a defender of the second amendment. Howard said no one in Germany had a gun in World War II.

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Howard said the audience of the radio show is usually bigger than the TV show and it's desperation. Howard played a clip of this guy Lance talking about that. Howard said she was on a show talking about how she's not going to play the blame game with what men have done to her.

Howard said he used to fly out to California and they'd all sit there in the editing room talking about stuff. Howard said Fred sent him an email about his complaint that he has never written him a hit song. Howard played the call the guys made to Angry Political Guy where Lee Kingsnatch called in and wished him a happy Cocktober. Howard said he's making an argument for women being forced to wear a burka. He said he does get pleasure of seeing women naked but he's not jumping out of his car and going after them. Robin read a story about the band LFO and how one of the members, Devin Lima, has stage 4 cancer. Gary said one of the other members of the band was on the Wrap Up Show and he also died of cancer. Howard said Robin has been through hell with that shit. Robin said She could spend the whole newscast naming people of people being accused of sexual harassment. She claims She got up to leave and Ratner stopped her from leaving an apartment they were in. Howard said Robin could do a whole newscast about this.

Robin said no but now what people do is have a party to reveal the sex of their baby and she was at a party for that. Howard said he's not sure what goes on with a real movie. He said he has a new phony phone call to play so he'll do that as they're going to break. Howard said they called the Angry Political Guy show and promoted Cocktober on his show and he didn't like it. Howard said that's like blaming kids for a pedophile's behavior. Robin said ''Oh my goodness.'' Howard said it's 11 o'clock. Howard said he's trying to do that and he may pass out on Fred. Howard said it's weird that two guys in one band had cancer. Robin said there's an author saying Dustin Hoffman sexually harassed her when She was 17. Howard had fake Harvey Weinstein clips on the phone. Robin read a story about Natasha Henstridge saying when She was 19 Brett Ratner had sexually harassed her.

The caller, Jorge, said that this hurricane really fucked them down the middle of the ''ass chreeks.'' Jorge said he bought his first gun and he wanted to get Howard's opinion on guns. Howard said this guy asking about the gun doesn't even know how to shoot it. Howard asked if anyone wants to hear Mariann from Brooklyn yell before he moves on. He said they shoot it great and it's great being back in time. Howard said if he tells you something is good that's it.

Howard said the way things are going we might have a civil war. Howard said if that happens he'll be hiding in the jungle.


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