Powerpoint chart not updating

After you create a chart, you can instantly change its look.

Instead of manually adding or changing chart elements or formatting the chart, you can quickly apply a predefined layout and style to your chart.

If you use a specific chart template frequently, you can save it as the default chart type.

Top of Page You can add a chart to your Word document in one of two ways: insert a chart by embedding it into your Word document, or paste an Excel chart into your Word document that is linked to data in an Office Excel 2007 worksheet.

For most charts, such as column and bar charts, you can plot the data that you arrange in rows or columns on a worksheet into a chart.

However, some chart types (such as pie and bubble charts) require a specific data arrangement.

The main differences between embedded charts and linked charts are where the data is stored and how you update the data after you place it in the Word document.

When you embed an Excel chart, information in the Word file doesn't change if you modify the source Excel file.

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In addition to applying a predefined chart style, you can easily apply formatting to individual chart elements such as data markers, the chart area, the plot area, and the numbers and text in titles and labels to give your chart a custom, eye-catching look. A chart and axis title that you can use in the chart. A data label that you can use to identify the details of a data point in a data series.When you apply a predefined chart style, the chart is formatted based on the document theme that you have applied, so that your chart matches your organization's or your own theme colors (a set of colors), theme fonts (a set of heading and body text fonts), and theme effects (a set of lines and fill effects).You can also create a combination chart by using more than one chart type in your chart. Some of these elements are displayed by default, others can be added as needed. Word provides a variety of useful predefined layouts and styles that you can select, but you can fine-tune a layout or style if it is needed by making manual changes to the layout and format of individual chart elements, such as the chart area, plot area, data series, or legend of the chart.You can change the display of the chart elements by moving them to other locations in the chart, resizing them, or by changing the format. When you apply a predefined chart layout, a specific set of chart elements (such as titles, a legend, a data table, or data labels) are displayed in a specific arrangement in your chart.Chart types that do not have axes (such as pie and doughnut charts) cannot display axis titles either.


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