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She studied arts at UCLA where she supplemented her income by making clothes for friends and theatre groups.Bach's first screen appearance was in the Burt Lancaster murder mystery, The Midnight Man, shot in upstate South Carolina in 1973, in which she played the murdered coed, Natalie Claiburn.As “Daisy Duke,” she’s not a tobacco heiress but a truck stop princess with fantasies of becoming a country singer.As for the cotton dress, Cathy is rarely in anything less revealing than short shorts and skimpy tops.“Cathy and I are going on vacation hopefully to get back together.” In the meantime Cathy has moved to an airy one-bedroom apartment within motorbike distance of the Warner Bros, studio (she visits their Malibu beach house only on weekends when David’s away).As for that “drive” David refers to, it’s full-bore.And the three miles she runs three times weekly (“enough to blow my carburetors”) keep her in such shape that she finished only five yards behind Michael (Running) Douglas in the mile race on ABC’s Battle of the Network Stars earlier this month. Born Catherine Bachman in Warren, Ohio, she lived in L. with her Mexican mother, a secretary (“a real independent, healthy woman”), after her parents divorced when she was 6.

Next week she’s supposed to put the pedal to the metal in a celeb auto race in Phoenix.

When prompted by the producers to visit a restaurant across the street, Bach found the waitresses were wearing "little miniskirts that matched the tablecloths! In 2006, she guest-starred on Monk, and in 2010 had a small cameo in the comedy film You Again.

In 2012, Bach joined the cast of CBS daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless in the recurring role of Anita Lawson. Bach married entertainment lawyer Peter Lopez in August 1990. On April 30, 2010, 60-year-old Lopez was found shot dead in an apparent suicide.

Career pressures leave as little time for reading as for correspondence, but Cathy couldn’t put down Women’s Room, a work full of implications for someone with a shaky marriage.

“It tore me apart and made me reevaluate whether I am happy,” says Cathy.


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