Park bench dating ebook

Whether addressing a ballroom of singles at the Washington Hilton or running a series of seminars for JDate at Club Med, Evan shows that there’s no contradiction between education and entertainment. A geek at heart, she got her start on the web in the 90s, and has been using it to her advantage in dating since. (exs as friends, people who you meet on checking out your FB profile, how to use Fan Pages for people who are not really friends) 3.

(personal branding, photos, messaging, tone, videos, etc) 8.Every romantic connection begins with just a few spoken words. Introducing myself to women regularly has lead to countless memorable dating experiences — even when I was inexperienced.It has helped thousands of “newbie” clients and blog readers date women they never thought possible. Please stop reading books upon books of dating advice.Exactly one month before Valentine’s Day, we discussed internet dating trends and how social media is changing the love game online.Did you know January is the biggest month for internet dating memberships?Live from a park bench in NYC, below is a Great Love Review video (filmed recently in Dec 2009) of the movie You’ve Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan to get you on the right track for 2010 with your Internet Dating Profiles.


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