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For Stewart, it was Ozell’s father who didn’t approve of their union.

In fact, the Blunt Talk actor is five years older than his wife’s father!

Stewart isn’t affected by their age gap either, but age is still a touchy subject for the actor. I have a little bit of arthritis, but I don’t feel any different and I don’t feel I behave or look that different,” said Stewart. She performed both original songs as well as covers of renowned blues songs. I'm sharing the stage with some excellent musicians. Li6Il Lj1Lj Wj — Sunny Ozell (@sunnyozell) March 7, 2017 Stewart doesn’t play any instruments, but he’s a got a Shakespearean voice with which he has sung in many theatrical productions. When you hear wonderful music, the appeal is almost irresistible.” Sunny Ozell was attracted to his talent, too.At that time, she worked as a waitress to earn some extra cash. He’s also a lover of jazz and went to the club Ozell was working at back in 2008. She told him she wanted to see Macbeth, the play Stewart was in at the time.However, he soon warmed up and gave them his blessing.It was Stewart’s children that were Ozell’s concern.Though her parents didn’t play or perform music, they were passionate about music education.


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