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I'm enjoying playing the 'old time' songs that have been resurrected with the ukulele renaissance, music from the 1920s through 40s.

Some string packages make note of these tunings because the strings can be used in standard or alternate tunings. In G tuning (except, apparently, in Nova Scotia where the A tuning reigns).

I still have difficulty ordering ukulele strings, straps and accessories locally. And let us not forget Tiny Tim, whose novelty act hid a wealth of talent, and to whom most of us owe a debt because he kept the ukulele in vogue at a time when it had waned in popularity.

I went online, looking for something a little better than the inexpensive laminate-topped Chinese-made brands I had seen locally. Their talent was an inspiration to me, although I could never aspire to anything that good.

It was also an inspiration to spend a whole lot more than I originally intended for what was then a passing fancy.

I spent more than 0 for the ukulele, case, shipping from Hawaii, plus the Canadian and Ontario governments' egregious tax grab (why must I pay provincial sales tax on an item that isn't sold or distributed anywhere in Canada, much less made in Canada? My first uke was a solid-spruce top Kala tenor (see below). I think it's spread through Web pages that feature ukuleles. I ended up buying several ukuleles in quick succession, most from the same e Bay seller ('musicguymic' or MGM, who has a large e Bay store).


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