Dave ramsey on consolidating college loans

I can tell you, it’s not as insurmountable as it sounds. Do whatever you have to do, but be brutally honest with yourself. You’ll probably need a glass of cheap red wine after this. My brother has taught me that you can’t get something unless you ask—confidently.Like anything in life, you can’t make a change for the better unless you realize that your situation is changing you for the worse. You have to be fed up and decide that no one but YOU will control your bank account. How much are you spending per month on interest alone? Don’t be surprised if you’re a little depressed after this session. Before you start funneling money in the right direction, you have to stop funneling in the wrong direction. There’s a good chance that your interest rates are way too high, and it could be because you’ve been late on paying your bills.If you’re forgetful, like me, and you have enough in your checking, sign up for auto-pay! You’re competent, you’re capable, you’re powerful, now But seriously, you can do this.Transfer your balance from a high interest rate card to a lower interest rate card. There are 2 theories about which plan of attack is most efficient: 1) Suze Orman says that you should aggressively pay off the credit card with the highest interest rate first.I auto-pay everything, even a small transfer every month from my checking into savings.I don’t miss the money if I don’t see it in the first place.

Just add up the amount of interest you’re paying per month and ask yourself if that amount is worth paying to ignore the stress.

Thomas Gnomologia said, Debt isn’t just a healthy car payment or a stress-free, low-interest loan for most people.

It’s often times an overpowering force that leaves folks feeling helpless and hopeless. Not being able to pay off my debt kept me feeling, well, indebted.

Getting out of debt probably feels impossible to you, like it did for me.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve paid off almost all of my debt–something I thought would take years to do.


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