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If you need to write it down, write down a hint rather than the actual password.

Do not allow the computer to remember passwords for you.

Learn how to delete your search history on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Toolbar.

If the "Use Inline Auto Complete" box in your Internet settings is checked, partial web addresses will be completed while typing in the Address bar and could reveal where you have been browsing.

You can block incoming emails through your email program.

You can select to block specific email addresses, or addresses ending in the same address (e.g.

Always consider that anything shared on a social networking site can eventually find its way to your trafficker and/or someone that might pass on this information, even innocently.

Create a new email account from one of the free email providers such as Yahoo! Choose a gender-neutral, non-specific username that is not similar to one you have used before, not [email protected]

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When posting on social networking sites, be cautious not to provide unnecessary information regarding your daily activities or close friends and family.

Sex trafficking occurs in a range of venues including fake massage businesses, via online ads or escort services, in residential brothels, on the street or at truck stops, or at hotels and motels.

The following are tips to help you stay safe while online.

Don’t reference favorite hobbies or birthdates in your username, or anything that might alert your trafficker to your identity.

If you use the address book associated with your email program, do not enter sensitive information into the address book.


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