Lonwely wife dating

In fact, the Victorians even had the own version of Instagram, exchanging – small portrait prints which would be organised into albums also containing images of celebrities and royalty.These albums were exchanged in flirtation but also as a means of asserting one’s social standing.

It is now her own affair.” Meanwhile, in the 1960s, ‘the pill’ didn’t quite provide the immediate revolution it has been credited with.

Women now shared dimly lit, cramped carriages with men, and even if you were venturing to visit a maiden aunt, there was every chance you could enjoy a verbal dalliance or three along the way with people you wouldn’t necessarily ever clap eyes on again.

The bicycle, meanwhile, also improved romantic opportunities.

Today, with living standards so much higher, and the cost of clothes and cosmetics cheaper, it’s actually easier than ever before to replicate celebrity standards of grooming.

And while we frequently flagellate ourselves for living in an increasingly narcissistic, selfie-obsessed culture, we aren’t the first generation to be so concerned with the vagaries of appearance.


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