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While there’s some debate on this issue, it’s been said that bisexuality is a broader term that describes people who are physically, emotionally and/or romantically attracted to both men and women.

And when you take an even closer look at the word “bisexuality,” you’ll recognize that the prefix “bi” comes from the Greek word meaning “two.”With this in mind, pansexuality can be seen as a more specific and detailed term that lets others know even more about a person’s sexual identity.

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It is translated 'Word' in English versions, but this translation does not express everything that the term would have suggested to ancient readers.Also of doctrine (Acts ; 2 Timothy ), specifically the doctrine of salvation through Christ (Matthew -23; Philippians ); of narrative, both the relation and the thing related (Acts 1:1; John ; Mark ); of matter under discussion, an affair, a case in law (Acts 15:6; ).As signifying the inward thought, it denotes the faculty of thinking and reasoning (Hebrews ); regard or consideration (Acts ); reckoning, account (Philippians , 17; Hebrews ); cause or reason (Acts ).When looking more closely at pansexuality and what it means, you may also see the term “heteroflexible.” Specifically, this descriptor enables people to further detail and outline their attraction to others.In essence, people who are heteroflexible are largely attracted to others of the opposite sex in a romantic, emotional and/or physical way, but they also have some minimal attraction to the same sex.And on an interesting note, there are also people who use the term “bisexual” simply because it’s a descriptor that’s better known and understood in certain circles, but these people are in no way limited in their attraction.


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