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In 2006, ICo MM served as the coordinating body that helped to secure funding from the W. Keck Foundation for a 454 DNA pyrosequencing system dedicated to DNA tag sequencing projects.Additional information about ICo MM's membership, scope and activities can be found on the ICo MM website: edu.The goal of ICo MM is to determine the range of genetic diversity and relative numbers of different microbial organisms at sampling sites throughout the world's oceans.Since 2004, ICo MM has provided support for training workshops and meetings including five primary working groups (Benthic, Open Ocean and Coastal Systems, Technology, Informatics and Data Management, and Microbial Eukaryotes), and its Scientific Advisory Council that engage the international community of marine microbiologists.However, the expense of conventional DNA sequencing has constrained the number of homologous sequences that microbial ecologists typically collect to describe community composition.

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” or “what is the temporal turnover in microbial cells between two sampling dates? Contemporary molecular approaches typically use r RNA sequences as proxies for the occurrence of different microbial genomes in an environmental DNA sample (coding regions for functional genes can also provide information about microbial population structures).

ICo MM's leadership represents a collaborative effort between the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), in Texel, The Netherlands, and the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woods Hole, MA, USA.

Collectively ICo MM has provided a means to galvanize the microbial oceanographic community in conducting a global census of marine microorganisms.

Microbiologists have not reached consensus on the definition of microbial species using either molecular or phenotypic approaches.

However, ecological concepts of microbial species based upon molecular data will inform theoretical applications and guide solutions to major challenges facing science and human society.


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