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It will probably help if you take aim at an Aussie icon and act in an un-Australian manner (hint: it's easier to be un-Australian if you, like boh3m3, are not actually Australian).Anyway, the first person out there to get their webcam vlog post screened on wins a prize.The official site has a rather sketchy description of what happened.

It's hilarious, but - warning - contains many, many swears. See tough guys demonstrating how they will kick your arse using martial arts. (Or perhaps he'll allow them to continue if they add a computer-generated Rastafarian alien to the cast) Or head over the Apple's trailers and go for Trailer 3. Internet hoaxes are continuing to fool folks around the world - even when they're not actually hoaxes.However, these poems, as Henry Rollins has suggested, should be written in black ink on black paper. No, that honour goes to Finnish due Armi and Danny, who made this ridiculous video for their song . You may have read about this in the Oddspot - an inventor in Colorado has created a pair of anti-flatulence underpants. "Wear them for the ones you love." Take a look at the official site for a photo of a happy couple in bed.They should not be sent into the kids section of you local newspaper. I'm not sure which one is supposed to be wearing the underpants. Local comedian Sammy J (winner of the Best Newcomer award at last year's Comedy Festival) has put up his own music video. (Warning - some folks may find this video offensive, especially Eddie himself).Hammond's pickup featured the words "Man Love Rules OK" emblazoned in bright pink lettering across the side of the vehicle.When the boys stopped for petrol, things started to turn ugly.They say their cars were getting pelted with rocks, but there's no footage. Comedy based around the differences between men and women. You can add this fun bit of programming to your own web page - get the code here.


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