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Could Alex go over to the dark side herself, if Jeremiah makes a compelling enough argument?We shouldn't rule it out, per Kreisberg: "The question of 'where do Alex's loyalties lie' plays a major part of the next episode and battle lines are drawn a little bit," he teased. But yeah, we've known Dean for a long time now and we're just getting to know Teri.“Denzel made a truckload of cash and I made peanuts! “I make more on one episode of television than I made in the six weeks of shooting that. I don’t know how some of these people make a living.”So he’s fine with all his various roles on TV, which he hasn’t even fully covered (on IMDB, he is listed as having nine projects in development, including a TV movie called The Dog Who Saved Christmas Eve). “They talked me into it.” He tweeted about taking his mother to the American Idol finale and a weekend trip to Napa.As Cain is about to sign off, his agent interjects, with a reminder about a different project the actor should talk about. As of press time, Dean Cain had 238 Twitter followers.1993 Emmy Awards NOTE: Permission granted to copy, publish, broadcast or post any of my photos, but please credit "photo by Alan Light" if you can. On the hit TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Dean Cain frequently saved the planet and Lois Lane (played by a pre-Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher, who was always plunging from high buildings.)But since Cain hung up his famous red cape in 1997, his adventures have been less than super.This summer, he appears in two reality-TV series, even though he says he’s not a fan of the genre.

“It’s like Bring It On meets …” He’s stumped for a moment. He’s the co-writer of the nontheatrical film Pure Country 2: The Gift, which was directed by his father, Christopher Cain.

"What I love about [episodes 14 and 15] is no one's really wrong, in a way. In the best examples of the legacy casting that we do, whether it's John Wesley Shipp or Helen Slater, Lynda Carter, all of them, to a person, are so proud of the contribution that they made in the past and are so proud and happy to be part of our show moving forward.

And everyone, whether it's Mon-El or Kara or Alex or J'onn — especially the stuff between J'onn and Alex in 15 — everyone is doing it because they love each other. Everyone is doing what they're doing out of a sense of love and to keep the people that they love safe." For a certain generation of fans, Cain was their primary portrayer of Superman, playing the Man of Steel from 1993 to 1997 in co-star, Teri Hatcher, has been cast in a villainous mystery role. And Teri, again we didn't know Teri before this casting process and she's turned out to be the exact same way.

Coming into acting after a professional football injury, Cain had chiseled abs that helped make him into an overnight heartthrob.

Arguably, his Sexy Superman paved the way for Tom Welling’s Smallville, Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns, and the upcoming Man of Steel feature starring a buff Henry Cavill. Then there were two guys in a row”—George Reeves, who died of an apparent suicide in 1959, and Christopher Reeve, who died in 2004, after becoming paralyzed from a horse-back riding accident. If we do the math on that, I don’t see much of a curse.”Curse or no curse, Cain actually wouldn’t mind putting the Superman tights back on one more time if Warner Bros ever decided to make a Lois & Clark reunion. it would have been detrimental to her health and the health of her unborn child.”Cain acknowledges his career may not have lived up to what he once envisioned, but that has less to do with Superman and more to do with his personal life.


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