Dating for greeks the best online dating profile examples

“Another feature that our members love is called Connections,” Christina said.“In a nutshell, it works by allowing a member to show interest toward another member.The dating site boasts almost 1 million members and offers an ideal venue for Greek singles to meet their soulmates no matter where they are in the world.Eligible launched in 2002 with a mission “to help create real connections and spread loving vibes all over the world.” The site also looks to make relationship building enjoyable and easy.Not long after, Banayiodis was walking along this same beach and noticed the heart with a hole in it. And, as destiny would have it, their paths crossed on Eligible “Louise sent a message to a user named Leonidas1821, and that username was, in fact, me,” Banayiodis said.“But so many of our members come from the broader Hellenic diaspora, too — the US, Canada, Australia, you name it.” The sky’s the limit when looking for another Greek single with whom to build a relationship.Greek singles can start for free by posting some photos and completing a profile.

That same year, both Banayiodis and Louise spent time in Cyprus on separate trips.

Banayiodis and Louise bumped into each other at a Greek festival in Birmingham, UK, where he was selling football T-shirts and she was sightseeing.

In an attempt to strike up conversation with the smiling woman, he grabbed an oversized Olympiakos jersey and tried to sell it to her as a nightgown.

Many Greeks find it important to come together with others of their nationality and ethnicity, and Eligible Greeks facilitates this.

“Regarding Greek singles, although they do appreciate the company of people from all different ethnic backgrounds, they particularly enjoy meeting and hanging with other Greeks,” said Christina Leontopoulou, Spokesperson for Eligible Greeks.


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