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But the ironic thing is that though this ad seems so irreverent and disrespectful, it is often these very lies we are fed through movies, music and pop-culture as the way to a man’s heart.

And many times as women, we believe those lies and try to measure up to a standard we were never meant to follow.

She’s not defined by her relationship status, her physical appearance or her sex appeal.

She doesn’t buy into the lies that her value is dependent on what she does, but rather, who she is.

They’re not looking for a woman who pretends to be into sports, cars, sex or anything else she thinks her man wants.

They are looking for a woman to be fully herself—personality, quirks, deficits and all.

To a real man, beauty and attraction are defined by so much more than physical appearance.

I’ve met tons of men who are completely turned off by women who are gorgeous on the outside, but hollow on the inside.

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Here are some qualities Godly men have told me they’re looking for in their brides-to-be: Realness It’s sometimes hard to believe being “real” is attractive to a man.

If you are dating someone who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, you are playing with fire. Don’t let the relationship progress to a physical point and then hope you can cut it off later. You need all the help you can get in today’s world. Do you depend on Him to meet your needs of love and security?

If you can’t stand the person but have a great physical relationship, rethink the relationship. If one person is uncomfortable with any type of physical expression, don’t do it. Don’t push a date to do anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

Just as women are not satisfied in defining a real man by his muscle mass and sex drive, real men are shifting their perception of what they are looking for in a woman.

As women, we’re often told that our value and the quality of our relationships are directly tied to our sex appeal.


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