Brett ratner dating serena williams

It's too bad it didn't work out between us." Ratner responds, "Is this the breakup episode?

"He attempt to kiss her, but Serena turns her head and scoffs.

The pair had been enjoying a low-key relationship for quite some time, but tennis ace Williams became increasingly frustrated with Ratner always being away from her.

So after meeting up with Ratner at April's (05) Delray Beach, Florida, Fed Cup tennis match between her sister VENUS and German player ELS CALLENS, Williams enquired what he'd been doing in the Big Apple for a week, prompting the answer, "I was hanging out with Puffy, Jay-Z and JD - Jermaine Dupri... Show me that you care." After becoming agitated with the film-maker's constant attempts at getting affection, Williams blasted, "I've been home for three weeks and I've asked you nicely and kindly not to come for (just) 24 hours.

The tennis star complains in the video that the director doesn’t spend enough time with her and showed up for just one overnight.

Munn claimed last week she was asked to deliver food to Ratner’s trailer on the set of “After The Sunset” in 2004 and found him with his pants down and, she says, “furiously masturbating.” Ratner is stepping down from Warner Bros.

The tennis star asked him about his whereabouts and Ratner just repeatedly grabbed her hand and face in hopes of a kiss he never got.

Keeping her composure, she said his actions were "disturbing" and that she didn't want to date him anymore.

, and sees the then-couple in a heated discussion over their long-distance relationship while watching Venus Williams' tennis match.

On Wednesday, Olivia Munn and five other actresses accused Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct in a story. One day later, Ratner sued Melanie Kohler, who made rape accusations on Facebook, for defamation.


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