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four or five speed constant mesh or four speed preselector.Whether any UFs actually had the five speeder is another matter of which I am uncertain, but a few did have the preselective box.He spent three turbulent seasons with City, scoring 30 goals in 80 games, and has also played for both Inter and AC Milan.Lemina made his Saints debut in the 3-2 weekend win over West Ham.SOUTHAMPTON record buy Mario Lemina has risked the wrath of Mario Balotelli ... Ex-Manchester City and Liverpool madcap Balo had a stormy relationship with Belgian beauty Fanny Neguesha.She broke off their 18-month engagement in 2014, accusing the Italy striker of excessive jealousy.Check out our blog for up to date information on everything we're up to! Are you a Southampton single looking for a single person that gives you butterflies?

The date of 1955 shown in the heading is thus only half correct. Originally, the first five bodies were of B26D dual doorway layout, but this was quickly changed to B36D, which is the form in which the later ones, 250 – 255, first appeared.

As well as our regular Speed Dating event every February, we run a whole load of other events from zombie chases to Christmas markets, as well as the spectacular BIG GIVE!

We also offer some fantastic opportunities like trekking the Inca Trail, taking the Gorilla trek through Uganda or even getting your kit off for the annual RAG calendar.

Take the plunge into online dating and start meeting possible people to date in Southampton.

In conjunction with the Geosciences Advisory Unit at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton we are able to offer this relatively new technique for precisely dating very recent sediments.


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