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Also, the misconception that bisexuality is transphobic is just another way of trying to pit two marginalized groups against each other.

Miguel: Bisexuality isn’t inherently transphobic because being bisexual has nothing to do with how you feel about transgender people.

These statements are rooted in ignorance, and must be challenged.

Misconception: Bisexual people can’t make up their mind Rowan: Bisexual people have made up their mind: they chose bisexuality.

Luis: People choose to be unfaithful no matter their sexuality. The fetishization of bisexuality is not the fault of bisexual people, but of the bigger societal structures in place.

In reality, for many of us, the “bi” in bisexual means attraction to genders like our own, in addition to attraction to genders different from our own.One may be attracted to certain things at one period in time and experience something that changed that and that’s okay.It’s not that they didn’t know or couldn’t make up their mind it’s that their feelings changed. It’s a spectrum that looks less like a number line and more like a color wheel.Misconception: Bisexual people aren’t really bisexual unless they’ve had relationships with all of the genders they’re attracted to (like, how can you be bi if you’ve only dated boys???)Rowan: Bisexual people don’t necessarily choose who to date based on gender, and the truth is that people don’t really choose whether they’ve been in relationships with all guys, all girls, all nonbinary people, etc. Bisexual people do not need to follow an even pattern.Luis: How do gay people know they're gay if they never dated the opposite sex?


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