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2 are next door to each other and the other is about 3 blocks away.

You could cab the 3 blocks if it is later as that stretch is a little sketchy, I have walked it as late as 2 am but I don't recommend it for everybody.

I'd try strip clubs, in descending order- Barre Ejectiva, Conejitas and Maracaibo, all in Centro.Then, if you want, I can take you around to check out these clubs and get your tree trimmed for about 70-90 k. I was hoping some of you guys could recommend some good night time casa options. I know energy is open till 9 pm (though does that mean walk in before 9 or finish before 9?Basically I am trying to see what options there are other than tourist expensive (Fase! I am a bit leery of going to centro stripclubs as I will be traveling solo and while my Spanish is medium good and I dress pretty local (jeans and t-shirt) I look kind of gringo as my skin and hair are pale.The only late Casa's I know of are at opposite ends of the spectrum with Linda Chicas-24 h I think, a few girls on and she will call for more I think but seemed high price in the last reports, and Yakuza at the low end, opens like 9 to 10 am-ish till 2 am /4 am-ish- very much a lower class locals joint, usually only a few girls on but gets occasional cute ones but it's a very small place, you and a couple locals sitting on a couch while the girls come and go from the back, they do sell beers though and is 45 k for 1/2 HR and no exit fee to take the girl somewhere close by.Which I recommend as the room I used there, the one right off the lobby was not very nice.And every Centro short-time motel chick will save you up to 160 k over Fase II.


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