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The Details View control offers this functionality, rendering as an HTML with two columns and one row for each column or property bound to the control.

You can think of the Details View as a Grid View with a single record rotated 90 degrees.

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Our Theme won't include any images or CSS files (we'll leave the stylesheet as-is, defined in the root folder of the web application), but will include two Skins.

Add a Grid View control from the Toolbox to 's design surface.

From the Grid View's smart tag, choose the Object Data Source control we added in Step 1.

Once the Object Data Source has been added to the page and configured, we're ready to add data Web controls to the page to display the data returned by the Object Data Source's method.

Any data Web control can be bound to an Object Data Source; let's look at displaying the Object Data Source's data in a Grid View, Details View, and Form View.


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