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On the other hand, Linda Chung attended an activity in Hong Kong yesterday and expressed openly that her Mr Right has not appeared.

She revealed that she’s been busy filming her new drama ‘Pu Song Ling’ and haven’t been sleeping for 2 days.

In 2009, Chung performed in Ghost Writer, A Watchdog's Tale, Twilight Investigation, as well as Can't Buy Me Love.

At the 42nd TVB Anniversary Awards (2009), Chung was nominated top 5 in the "Best Supporting Actress" for her role in The Gem of Life and also nominated top 5 in the "Most Favourite Female Character Role" award for her role in Can't Buy Me Love.

PS: I seriously think Raymond needs a change of stylist. If you look only at the bottom half of his body, his 3/4 trousers sockless leather shoes skinny ankles looks like an old man’s lower body…. He still looks handsome looking at his upper (: This entry was posted on April 21, 2009 at and is filed under Celebrity Couples & Gossips/ 明星八卦, Hong Kong Entertainment News / 香港娱乐新闻. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

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Chung was also captured by media to be the "successor of fa-dan" and one of the "Best new-coming fa-dan" with Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui and Fala Chen as the first-class performance of Chung in several series before the day. She had just played her character Miss Koo from the 8th episode till the end.This role gave her a nomination for "Best Actress" as well as the public.At the 41st TVB Anniversary Awards (2008), Chung was nominated in the top 5 of the "Best Actress" award for her role in this series.A scene in the drama, telling her fierce exchange with Yan Hung, garnered a 50-point rating, making it the most-watched scene in all TVB series to-date.Chung also received praises from Xia Yu, Michelle Yim and Lee Heung-kam when she was acting this role.Raymond even generously shared his terms for his ideal girlfriend with everyone, ‘I like girls with long hair since I was studying. I also like girls with dimples as I feel that they’re exceptionally cute.’ The host instantly asked if Linda has dimples.


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