How to handle dating a divorced man with a child

They have taken out my garbage, carried my luggage, taken my car for an oil change, cooked me dinner, talked about my day at work and brought me breakfast in bed.

I have found that men who have been married are a bit more structured and familiar with the little things.

Dating in your 40s might actually be the most fun you have dating your whole life. shutterstock Don’t believe those who tell you everyone is taken by 40.

Everyone has been taken by 40, and is now back on the market.

That’s just how men and women work; most men mature far more slower than women and don’t really value a monogamous, intimate relationship until after their 30’s.

Shutterstock And they’re filled with men in their 40’s! Because men in their 40’s, just like you, don’t feel like hanging out at bars all night. Just open your phone or laptop and there are thousands of men at your fingertips.

In fact, in your 40’s, you’re more ready to have a child both financially and emotionally than you were in your 20’s.

And today, nobody bats an eye at a mother in her 40’s—even a single mother. Source: Shutterstock Men (or should we say boys) in their 20’s and 30’s were put off by women making the first move.

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Although there are still stigmas surrounding dating divorced men, here are a few reasons you just might have a delightful experience: Men are, by nature, fixers and problem solvers.

Source: Shutterstock Marriages that happen later in life have a better chance of lasting for several reasons.

There is, first off, the simple matter of time: you now only have about 40 years to spend together, whereas if you married in your 20’s you had 60 years to spend together and that puts you at a much higher risk for getting sick of one another!

I have many single girlfriends who share this choice and many who chose marriage, had children and got divorced.

I have found that dating divorced men with children to be an amazing experience for myself, as well as my friends and clients who are now single women with children of their own.


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