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And Catherine has always been a wonderful girl.'Jason says he has lived his life backwards. His long-term girlfriend was the Welsh actress Myfanwy Talog, and they spent 18 years together until her death from breast cancer in 1995. Although I was sad to see Ed Balls get voted off Strictly.

Devastated by the loss, he threw himself into working even harder. He was very entertaining.' The only family show he won't watch is Bake Off. 'I don't see what all the fuss is about, baking cakes. It's just the parts you need.'I'm not resting, I'm reading. And I will keep reading – until I find something special.' Since the advent of real-life murder mystery Serial, which smashed records in 2014 and attracted a staggering 70 million followers, our appetite for podcasts has proven insatiable. Tracks The Hour actress Romola Garai plays a troubled Welsh GP who gets embroiled in the aftermath of a suspicious plane crash in this Radio 4 conspiracy thriller. Alice Isn't Dead This fiction serial follows a truck driver who scours America for his presumeddead wife, finding ghost towns and not-quite human serial murderers along the way. Penguin Books Podcast Richard E Grant hosts fascinating conversations with such authors as Zadie Smith, Bill Bryson, Clare Balding and Colm Tóibín, who dissect why certain objects have inspired their books. You Must Remember This Unearth the secret history of old-world Hollywood in this series narrated by former film critic Karina Longworth. And how did KT Tunstall come up with the infectious Suddenly I See?

Now you just need one comment to destroy everything.'Now in his eighth decade, it's Jason who dominates the screen as the haplessly grumpy Granville in the expletive-free Still Open All Hours, alongside a new cast including Johnny Vegas and Tim Healy.

The original series, which starred Barker as penny-pinching northern shopkeeper Arkwright, ran from 1975 to 1983.

When he walks in, he carefully studies the books on the shelves and places a finger on an autobiography by the BBC's former political correspondent, John Sergeant. His twin brother died at birth, though he refutes the much-repeated assumption that his death made him strive harder in life, and his eldest brother, Arthur, won a place at Rada to study drama (the brothers have appeared together on screen in Frost).It was the show that transformed Jason's career and the series that persuaded Only Fools producer, Ray Butt, to cast him as Del Boy after Jim Broadbent turned down the role.Perhaps the reason why Jason is so loved by the British public is that he has always been an underdog.He absolutely refuses to consider a part that involves fruity language. Earlier this year he was accused of racism when, during a Jubilee radio broadcast, he recounted a story the Queen had once told about mistaking an ambassador for a gorilla. My first role with Ronnie Barker was when he was playing Abdul The Filthy and he was throwing banana skins and I was slipping on them.'When we did Open All Hours, Ronnie wanted Arkwright to have a stutter. Ronnie stood his ground and said the character is funny and that the stuttering was a comic device that worked on several levels.We had two letters of complaint sent to us and two letters from people saying they were pleased Ronnie was bringing stuttering to the fore. The producer wrote a long letter back to the four people and the whole matter was discussed, thought about, explained and dealt with.Even his greatest moments have been tinged with regret.


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