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The etymology of the name Spain (España) is uncertain.Some derive it from the Punic word tsepan, "rabbit", basing the opinion on the evidence of a coin of Galba, on which Spain is represented with a rabbit at her feet, and on Strabo, who calls Spain "the land of rabbits".Its four extreme points are: on the north, the Estaca de Vares, in N. 43° 47' 32"; on the south, the southern extremity of the Island of Tarifa, in S. 35° 59' 49"; on the east, Cape Creus, in longitude 3 ° 20' 16" E.of Greenwich, on the west, Cape Tirinana, in longitude 9° 17' 33" W. The total area of the Spanish territory in the Peninsula is 194,563 square miles, with a coast line of 2060 miles in length.

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Another extension of the Eocene formation was from the region where Madrid now stands to that of Albacete and Murcia.To the south-east of this was another island, where is now Bejar and Sierra de Gredos, comprising part of the Provinces of Avila, Segovia, and Toledo.To the north-east, the Pyrenees and the Catalonian coast took the form of islets, while in other directions other islets occupied the sites of Lisbon, Evora, Cáceres, Badajoz, Seville, Cordova, and Jaén.It is said that the Phoenicians and Carthaginians found the country overrun with these rodents, and so named it after them.Another derivation is from sphan, "north", from the circumstance that the country was north of Carthage, just as the Greeks called Italy Hesperia, because it was their western boundary, or the land of sunset (Hespera).No less uneven is the distribution of rainfall - from the northern provinces, with their ever-clouded skies, to the almost invariably dry and transparent atmosphere of the south.


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