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So if that sounds like you – head on over to my calendar page and book a new client Skype coaching session with me.

We organize a large singles party just about every week of the year, all over the Bay Area!

I’m not telling you to kiss or be a super-slut during your megadating journey!

If you are truly looking for a long term relationship – you’ll wait at least until date 3 to have sex.

Here is how your list might look: Do you see any patterns on the list above?

Some examples include meeting thru friends, at the gym, in a yoga class, in a co-ed sports league, in a cooking class, on a different online dating site, in a different San Francisco district, on, thru a matchmaker, and the list goes on. After a breakup, are you one of those people who falls for the next person you meet?

If so, no offense- but it’s no wonder you are still single.

During the process you’ll slowly start to gauge the type of person you would like to share your life with.

Megadating will diffuse your energy and will calm down your emotions – while revitalizing your sense of self.


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